It’s Okay to Disengage

So much pressure. I teach personal and social adjustment this semester. A foundational concept in the class is the paradox of progress. Simply put, technological advances have been great, but they also cause a lot of stress. We’re just so plugged in. And worse, we’re expected to stay plugged in. At all times. But seriously, it’s okay to take a break. I remember, acutely, waiting … Continue reading It’s Okay to Disengage

On Leaving Social Media (for now)

I just announced my decision to leave personal social media – delete the apps and walk away – to the shock of many (I dare say, all).  Like most, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have become integral components of my daily life.  I enjoy posting, sharing, and connecting.  I plan to come back, but for now, I’m intentionally taking the “social” out of my online life. There is … Continue reading On Leaving Social Media (for now)

"You have value because you exist." - Mom

“You have value simply because you exist.”

A few days ago, my mother said something to me that was incredibly powerful in its simplicity: You have value simply because you exist.   At some point, most of us question ourselves, our decisions, our paths, and our progress.  Often, as was the case for me last week, comments and opinions from others lead us to do so.  He’s just trying to make you feel bad … Continue reading “You have value simply because you exist.”

I Don’t Hate Police Officers

I have quite a few friends and acquaintances who hate the police, who hate the military, etc.  “But Ashley, don’t you?!  Traitor!” you say.  

Give me a break, I completely believe that so many systems, including criminal justice and the miliary, are fundamentally flawed.  AND it is absolutely possible to believe that a system is flawed and not hate every individual within it.

That’s my problem with this status-symbol, one size fits all, hatred. Continue reading “I Don’t Hate Police Officers”

The Narrative of Precious, the Movie

Friday night, I finally had a chance to see the movie Precious.  The acting was phenomenal!  But something just didn’t sit right with me.  I hesitated to comment and decided to sit with the discomfort until I could process it further.  The next day, I read Black Feminist Thought in the Matrix of Domination by Patricia Hill Collins.  When I came across this paragraph, I … Continue reading The Narrative of Precious, the Movie