Introducing Project Intersect!

project intersectIt’s as great as it sounds!  Project Intersect is a new project that most certainly connects the dots of human, animal, and environmental well-being.  Fellow Defiant Daughter, Carolyn Mullin, from the National Museum of Animals and Society introduced me to the project’s founder, Jacqueline Morr, and we are, of course, new best friends (see, vegan feminists who connect the dots ARE out there!  We are not alone.).  From the website:

Project Intersect encourages radical intersectional analyses of oppression that are sorely needed both in activist circles and in general public discourse. The intent is to establish new spaces for intersectional work and scholarship by engaging a multitude of voices in this renewed effort to make radical, anti-oppression, ecofeminist and/or ethical vegan critique accessible for all (from the ground up).

Can you imagine how happy I am about this?  Sorely needed, indeed.  While taking Connect the Dots offline was a difficult decision, I had been seeing truly intersectional work increase and was hopeful that would continue.  Well, folks, it sure has.  I strongly encourage you to like Project Intersect on Facebook and get the first issue of the project’s publication this September.  I count myself very lucky to have been introduced to this project and its amazing, authentic founder.  And if you are or will be in Los Angeles on September 6, come to the zine launch party. RSVP here. I expect to see you there!

project intersect flyer




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