On Leaving Social Media (for now)

Instagram-logo 2I just announced my decision to leave personal social media – delete the apps and walk away – to the shock of many (I dare say, all).  Like most, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have become integral components of my daily life.  I enjoy posting, sharing, and connecting.  I plan to come back, but for now, I’m intentionally taking the “social” out of my online life.

There is a “look at me” aspect to social media – for many reasons, I don’t want to look at others right now and I’m okay with fact that that means that no one will be looking at me.  You can only look at others for so long before you stop looking within yourself.

I’ll continue to post professionally – thru @ashleycalcasa on Twitter and the CALCASA and PreventConnect Facebook pages.  I’ll even be conducting social media trainings in the not-too-distant future.

Facebook-iconI love social media, and I think, especially in certain situations, one of the best decisions a social media user can make is to take a break.  I’ve watched several friends walk away from it permanently, and while I’ll never go that far, every one of them feels gloriously free from the stimuli that is a constant feed of hundreds of other people’s lives.

Bad marketing decision?  Sure, I hear you.  But you know what?  I’m trying to live.  And if living to my fullest means going offline for a while, I’m okay with that.

So, follow and contact me here – it’s where you’ll find me.


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