To dream, to grieve

TweetForgetting loved ones who have died is, in my experience, the most common fear of those left behind, unspoken, in times of whispers, tears, and vulnerability. I wonder, though, if I can help ease such fears and the pain that so easily comes with them – the dread, the paralysis. You see, I have dreams, and in those dreams, those I’ve lost come alive. It’s confusing, I’m always afraid of losing them again, and for a brief moment, there’s joy. I wake having visited, having loved, having celebrated through the questions, the confusion, and the pain. To dream is to have more time to re-experience loss, to get a glimpse of what will never be. And to wake from those dreams is to rejoice, yes, to despair, but most of all to keep living, certain and thankful for the reminder that we who have lost can never forget.


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