Connect the Dots is going offline

Connect the Dots LogoConnect the Dots, the project to build capacity to address the links between human, animal, and environmental well-being, is going offline.  It has been a labor of love in every sense of the word.  I thank Stacia Mesleh, my partner in the project, for her dedication and partnership – and for often making complex concepts sound so digestible.  I remain a steadfast “connectionist” and will shift my posting about connecting those all-important dots to the perspectives section of this blog.  A community really has grown throughout the Connect the Dots years and I look forward to continuing making and strengthening those connections with you all, through different means and media.


One thought on “Connect the Dots is going offline

  1. So sad to see you going off line and the conference cancelled Ashley! I’m sorry I didn’t find you much sooner than I did earlier this year … I was working on figuring out how to get down to the conference in October! Thankyou so much for my copy of Defiant Daughters (one myself in spirit for a very long time:) Wishing you well with your new plans and life transformations, whatever they may be. Love and connection, Fireweed (Denman Island, BC)

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