Goodbye, Mr. Scooter, My Lovie

ScooterYesterday morning provided a horrible shock as we found that our sweet baby Scooter died in bed with us.  But as my sister pointed out, he died in the best way possible – doing his favorite thing, sleeping while cuddled up against me.  We actually had an appointment for today, to get another ultrasound and to decide whether to try another treatment or to let the cancer run its course.  Scooter decided for us, taking a terrible and impossible decision off our consciences.  As Roy said on his blog, words cannot express how much Scooter meant to us. We’re grieving, and grieving hard.  The above is our favorite picture of Mr. Scootie Pants at his happiest, frolicking on Dog Beach in Ocean Beach, CA.  We’re both doing our best to remember him like this.  Thank you to everyone who loved him as much as we did – you know he thought you were the best thing ever.  I like to think that he’s off somewhere sitting in Jonathan’s lap, just cuddling away.


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