A Call from Jonathan

I recently got a minor medical procedure that required spending some time in pre-op.  For most, this wouldn’t be a big deal.  For me, watch out.

I love this picture. He’s so happy.

This procedure required two IV’s.  I’ll spare you the details of what goes down when I get IV’s – just think fainting, losing all control and feeling, and needing oxygen.

So imagine me making it through the above, with the help of one amazingly understanding nurse, being left alone for an hour trying to keep the above from happening again, and then getting a message from Jonathan.  Seriously.

After an eternity of waiting, trying to ignore the phlebotemist who set up for another patient right outside of my curtain, and generally wishing the oxygen attached to my nose was turned up higher, my nurse came back, answered a call on her hospital cell phone, and asked, “Is it okay if your brother comes back to wait with you?”


I don’t know how it happened, and the nurse felt just awful when she found out the impossibility of that request, but I do know that nothing better could have happened at that very moment.

Just when I needed Jonathan, he was there.


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