A Year in Retrospect

It’s over!  I successfully completed an entire year of monthly wellness challenges.  I did almost perfectly on July’s challenge – only missed 4 days of exercise and dog walking.  I also didn’t buy any clothes until my birthday!

So this is what last year brought me:

  • August 2010: No sugar +  ride bike 30 minutes per day
  • September 2010: Eat greens 3 days per week + 100 crunches per night
  • October 2010: Eat foods with no more than 5 ingredients + 100 crunches 4 times a week
  • November 2010: Run 3 times a week
  • December 2010: Eat only whole foods (no processed foods)
  • January 2011: Read 2 scholarly articles per week
  • February 2011: Lose weight
  • March 2011: No salt
  • April 2011: No negative social media posts (positivity)
  • May 2011: Run 3 times per week
  • June 2011: Record one thing for which I am thankful each morning
  • July 2011: Buy no clothes, walk dogs every day, 30 minutes of exercise each day

Of course I experienced varying degrees of success during these challenges.  Read my posts for more information on how well I did.

So what now?  I can’t help but think that at this age, my brother only had one full year of life left. Accordingly, it stands that I should find my peace this year.  Thank you to my sister-in-law, Stephanie Elam, for inspiring me to think about my peace.  I don’t know exactly what it is or if I’ll truly find it this year, but follow along with me and I’ll write about the journey.  At his memorial service, Jonathan’s wife, Laura, said he would have said to us, “Don’t wait!”  I hope to get going soon.


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