Enough of the “But you’re killing plants!” tactic, folks.

Some of you who read this blog clearly hate the fact that I’m vegan or that I present it as more than a dietary choice – it’s a nonviolent  way of being.  It’s an ethical stance.  You may have used the, “But you’re killing plants!” tactic to try to get me to stop being vegan. Not gonna happen. So read this article in response. Someone else wrote it, but it says exactly what I’d like to tell you. In case you can’t read my comment, this is what I noted:

I LOVE this article. People are just so desperate for an excuse to dominate and consume non-human animals. This isn’t either/or. It’s not a dichotomy. Even if people really do care about the suffering of plants (I find this argument rarely to be a sincere one), the answer isn’t eating non-human animals. The answer, like you say, involves attending to the well-being of both plants and animals. Turning it into an “it’s either plants or animals” debate is both misguided and intentionally cruel.


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