May Wellness Challenge

Well, April’s positivity challenge was okay.  Certainly a challenge.  I discovered what real, authentic positivity looks like.  Not your everyday “fake it until you make it.”  It was challenging to remind myself to be positive, not just “not negative.”  I have to say, given the focus of my work (violence prevention) and the fact that Roy’s mom died during April, I did fairly well.  I’ll write a blog dedicated to Roy’s mom in a bit.

In May, I’m going to try to maintain my running.  I’ll aim for about 3 days a week – this requires me to run at least one day during the work week.  Given that Roy’s here for the month and that the days are getting longer, I think I can do it.  Haven’t had a lot of luck so far due to rain.  Will just have to make it up on dry days.  Although, Roy as my running partner tends to say, “I’ll run faster when I go by myself tomorrow,” while we run and end the run with “I’m not going to take a shower.  I didn’t really sweat.”  Whatever.

Wish me luck.  I’m recording my running sessions on my calendar and will post a final picture.


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