March Wellness Challenge Wrap-up and April Introduction

No salt was HARD.  I had salt on food unavoidably (chips, fries – and don’t say I could have just not eaten those types of food.  Not.  An.  Option.) a few times but for the most part managed to stay far far away from it.  Green beans with no salt are just okay.   I think the end result is that I’ll be replacing salt with Braggs more often.

Oh!  I finally finished Couch to 5k!  Never thought I’d be able to run for 30 minutes without stopping.   I am truly amazed that my heart is still in tact and doesn’t even start the weird super fast pounding/throat closing up thing that I’m used to.

For April, I’m going to focus on a mental health challenge – positivity.  This is about more than simply ignoring the poo.  This is about celebrating the sparkle in everything.   So the literal challenge will be to post nothing negative on Twitter or facebook all month.  This will definitely have a few update blogs along with it.  Stay tuned.

I can do this!


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