Age 31 Wellness Challenge February Wrap Up and March Announcement

Okay, folks.  Here it is: for February I tried to lose weight.  Not a lot, just what my doctor says I need to lose.  I didn’t do it.  So there.  I might have lost a pound or two, but not enough.  I’ll still try to get to my ideal weight at some point, it’s just really hard as my metabolism changes.  Oh well, at least it’s motivation to exercise more and eat healthily.  One thing I did learn: you can’t lose weight by exercising only one day per week.

I’m almost done with Couch to 5k!  One more day to go.  What a long road.  I’m so proud of myself.  I can run for 30 minutes now!

On to another month.  I’m going to try to go without salt this month.  We all know our food has more than enough sodium in it. I’ll focus on not adding table salt to my food.  I loooooooove salt so, yeah, wish me luck.

The end.


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