I’m not alone! I’M NOT ALONE!!!!!!!

Oh my…I just…I don’t even know what to say about this.  I’m in pure heaven.  I have hope for the world.  I’m so used to the “What the hell? We’re WAY better than mere worthless “other” animals.  They deserve to DIE!” conversations (yes, with “anti violence” folks) that this just took me completely by surprise.  What’s your reaction?  This is what Connect the Dots is all about.  Friends!  We’re not alone!!!!  Subscribe to this blog!


By the way, I really do want to talk to you all about this.  I get that many of you buy into the idea of a hierarchy and dichotomy between human and non-human animals.  I get that.  But can you tell me more?  Why the resistance and anger to talking about including animals and the environment in non-violent living?  I really want to know.


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