Introducing February’s Age 31 Monthly Wellness Challenge

Okay, folks, I’m on week 8 of Couch to 5k.  That means I am running (uh, jogging) for 28 minutes without stopping!!!!  I still feel like I’m going to die the entire time, but whatever, right?

For my January challenge, I said I’d read at least 2 articles a week.  Yeah, that didn’t happen.  Here is what I did read:

  1. Abortion Rights and Animal Rights by Carol J. Adams
  2. Black Feminist Thought in the Matrix of Domination by Patricia Hill Collins
  3. The Harms of Pornography Exposure Among Children and Young People by Michael Flood
  4. Race as “Feeble Matter” in Veganism: Interrogating whiteness, geopolitical privilege, and consumption philosophy of “cruelty free” products by Amie Breeze Harper.  See my blog post on this wonderful article.

At least it’s something.  I got half way through some other articles too, but I’m not counting those.   And I’m almost done with Pornified.

I really have no idea what to do this month, so I’m going to pick something that I can’t tell you about yet.  Why?  Because you people are super judgmental and will tell me not to do it. So we’ll see how far I get and I’ll update you later.  Hey, it’s your fault for being all opinionated and stuff.

Love you.


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