This is one of my most favorite poems I’ve ever written.  After you read it, guess how old I was when I wrote it.  I’ll give you the answer in an update.  And it hasn’t been edited at all from it’s original form.


I’ve been searching for something,

Endless years of wasted hope

Quickly turning into

A gigantic mass of nothingness.

But what better to hope for

Than nothingness?

If something else was found,

It surely would not be believed

And I would go on searching

For something to be trusted.

But one who does not trust herself

Can trust nothing.

And so my empty feeling grows,

Slowly eating away

At my soul,

Destroying every piece of that hope

Within my body.

And if I am to be destroyed,

A purpose will have been discovered

And I will leave this world

Reaching for the nothingness.


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