Month 3 Wellness Challenge Update

I said I’d do 100 crunches 4 times a week and eat no processed food with more than 5 ingredients this month. I’m begrudgingly doing the crunches, usually super fast right before I go to bed. I don’t know why I desire a strong core yet I despise this activity so. I think it’s because I strongly dislike exercise that I don’t consider productive. For example, I don’t ride my bike for exercise, I ride it to get from point A to point B. I don’t do yoga for the exercise, I do it for peace of mind. Maybe I’m not an “intentional exerciser.”

The processed food challenge – yeah…I think I may actually be eating more processed food than I usually do because I’m actively looking for processed foods with only 5 ingredients. This usually means chocolate. Dude, if you’re still eating Hersheys or Dove, you seriously need to check out better, more ethical brands like Equal Exchange.

That’s all you get this time, friends. I must attend to my Scooter, as he is currently yelling at me.

Love you.


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