Introducing October’s Age 31 Wellness Challenge

Alright folks, new month =  new challenge.  First, a review of last month.  This will be short.  I didn’t do enough crunches (said 100 every night) and I did eat enough kale (said 3x a week):

So now what?  In this 3rd month of the challenge, I’m going whole…sort of.  I’m going to take a step towards eating more whole foods.  This means I will not eat any processed foods that contain more than 5 ingredients.  I heard that “rule” from a doctor somewhere.  Hopefully this will lead to a no-processed-foods month.

I will also attempt to meet the 100 crunch challenge.  To make it more likely to succeed, I’ll build up to another month of 100 crunches every night by doing 4 nights a week this month.  So, 100 crunches for 4 nights each week.

Go team!


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