Month 2 Wellness Challenge Update

I haven’t turned green yet.  Eating kale at least 3 x a week is going well (I have a kale calendar) but the 100 crunches every night…not so much.  I might have to repeat that challenge.  The biggest issue for me is finding organic kale that doesn’t have tiny bugs all over it.  The kind of bugs that prevent me from eating broccoli very often.  The ones you can’t even boil off.  Ew.  Triple ew.  Any suggestions for how to deal with this?

I wish.

I know kale would be even better for me if I ate it raw, but I really, really like it cooked.  What are some yummy ways to eat kale raw?

This is kind of a boring challenge, I know.  I’ll think of something more exciting for next month.  Suggestions?


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