Month 2 Wellness Challenge Begins!

Just another super exciting Saturday night here in the mecca that is Salem, Oregon.  Making mashed potatoes and wondering why my right hand is numb.  I’m also streaming the new Anberlin album for free off of their myspace page.  I love it, of course.

The Mecca
Mashed Potatoes

I spent the last week at a CDC grantee meeting and the National Sexual Assault Conference in Hollywood.  I’ll dedicate a separate blog post to that experience, but it should be no surprise that it was difficult to finish my wellness challenge for month 1 (no sugar and 30 minutes on the bike each day).  I managed to work out the 1st two days I was there but then the networking/hanging out began, which meant going to super yummy vegan restaurants each night.  It was tough.  Vegan House was by far my favorite.  Small, locally owned, cheap, and all-around awesome.

I almost successfully avoided sugar.  “Almost” because I ate some yummy rosewater sorbet at a local ice cream parlor the last night of that month’s challenge.  Roy got cherry-flavored sorbet that had little noodles in it.  Have you ever heard of that, noodles in sorbet?

So on to the 2nd month.  I’m going to attempt to eat greens at least 3 times a week and do 100 crunches each night.  Why?  Greens are amazingly good for the body and core strength is essential…in my opinion.  And in the health promotion spirit, I’m thinking about adding good things to my life, not simply restricting the bad.

I Totally Look Like This

“Greens” may end up being kale the entire month.  If you have any way to make other types of greens actually taste good, please let me know!

Look for more posts from me soon.  In the mean time I’m going to go pull Scooter out of the kitchen cabinets and have a dance party with him.



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