Thoughts on Mother’s Day

Just a quick note about some things I’m thinking on Mother’s Day:

  • How freaking annoying is it that those of us who don’t have kids keep getting told “Happy Mother’s Day”!?  Seriously.  I doubt the guys who say that to me in the stores and in office buildings really are referring to me as the mom of Scooter and Gracie.  I want to tally how many of us this happens to.  And why do I keep saying thank you and shyly smiling.  EW!
  • And to change emotions – I’m thinking about all of the mothers I know who have lost children.  I won’t name them, but I know quite a few more than I ever anticipated.  This must be a really hard day for you all.  The world isn’t supposed to work like that.  I love you!
  • And to Laura.  For your mothering of Bryce and Ava without Jonathan.  What can I say?  I love you.  I’m here for you.
  • And finally, the Institute for Humane Education tweeted this today: Happy Mother’s Day to all moms of all species of the world. May you know peace & justice & be free from cruelty, oppression & exploitation.

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