All I Ask of You: On Hate

I should be sleeping but I have the Phantom of the Opera song, All I Ask of You, stuck in my head.  Unlike the song, I’m not asking people to love me.  All I ask is that people stop hating each other.  Lately I feel like I’m surrounded by absolutely seething hate.  It’s like a thick fog I’m trying to navigate.  A wall of toxic air choking me.  It permeates every space in which I exist.  What is going on?  Why are so many seemingly good people trying to destroy each other?  Masked by false smiles and all the right words, the toxic hatred grows.  I don’t think our movements can handle much more of this.  How can we create a just and peaceful world if we, its supposed champions, thirst for blood?

I wish we could all collectively take a deep breath.  This internal hatred and destruction isn’t going to get us anywhere.  We can’t keep recruiting newcomers to share our hatred, our grudges.  No more lying, no more winking, no more hurting, no more secrets, no more destruction.  Please.  No more hate.


2 thoughts on “All I Ask of You: On Hate

  1. I too have noticed an uprise in negative emotions. Just as the Earth seems to be going through her changes, society is as well. All I can say is, feel the shift. Stay true to yourself, stay close with those you love, and never forget to remind them that you do.

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