Hummingbirds and Jonathan – Unexpected Connection

For some reason, after Jonathan’s death, I started to notice hummingbirds. I don’t remember ever seeing them until I came to CA, and even then, I really only saw one or two. Well, shortly after I came back from Jonathan’s memorial in IL, I was preparing my lesson for one of my upcoming classes, sitting at the computer in front of a rather large window, when a hummingbird suddenly appeared. It stayed there, suspended, for quite a while. I can’t explain why, but I felt like Jonathan’s spirit was near. It was comforting and beautiful. That same thing happened a few more times and I’m sure will continue. What made me think to write this post, however, happened just the other day. As Roy and I walked the dogs back home from the beach, we stopped in front of a house to write down the # on a for rent sign. As I stood there, I heard a loud buzzing in my left ear and felt something graze it. Startled, I jumped back and saw a hummingbird inches away. That same mystical feeling appeared, accompanied by thoughts of Jonathan. There is no reason, no past memories, that should cause me to associate hummingbirds with him. I just do. A new and comforting experience that will always be…just like my love for Jonathan, my big brother.


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