#metoo and #timesup: Digging deeper across movements

There’s a “regular” #metoo/#timesup movement and then there are some that have splintered off. It reminds me of when I was asked to talk about domestic violence in specific populations after a “basic” domestic violence training. Some thought there were unique concerns that needed to be addressed separately for specific populations and others thought those concerns, and the populations, should be incorporated into the larger … Continue reading #metoo and #timesup: Digging deeper across movements

It’s Okay to Disengage

So much pressure. I teach personal and social adjustment this semester. A foundational concept in the class is the paradox of progress. Simply put, technological advances have been great, but they also cause a lot of stress. We’re just so plugged in. And worse, we’re expected to stay plugged in. At all times. But seriously, it’s okay to take a break. I remember, acutely, waiting … Continue reading It’s Okay to Disengage

Gun Control is Only Part of the Solution: On Mass Shootings in the U.S.

Yesterday’s shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon has my social media feeds full of calls for gun control. They are also full of statements about people with varying mental health statuses. Psychos, sociopaths. “Your prayers aren’t enough,” many are saying. I wholeheartedly agree. In the U.S., this pretty much happens all the time. That’s what everyone has been saying and it’s so true. … Continue reading Gun Control is Only Part of the Solution: On Mass Shootings in the U.S.